Shooting & Hunting Products

Wearing a properly fitted shooting vest helps insure shooters are able perform at his or her full shooting potential. Please contact us today and allow us to custom manufacture and fit a vest for the shooter in your family. Who knows... your shooter just may return the favor with a championship win.

Payment by check or cash receive a discount. Mesh, Combo, Cordura $5, Suede $10, Suede/Top Grain & Top Grain $15.

The vest consists of a lighter weight, top grain leather along with the 1000 Denier Cordura lining.
Color Scheme:
T-Shirt Size:
A combination of suede and white top grain leather.
Color Scheme:
T-Shirt Size:
The original vest is constructed of all suede leather with a 1000 denier Cordura lining.
Color Scheme:
T-Shirt Size:
The vest consists of two layers 1000 Denier Cordura lining.
Mesh and leather vest combination silhouette vest.
Four Animal Embroidery Design

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