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About Us

My name is Chris Winstead and I live in the heart of Big Sky Country. My family is actively involved in the shooting sports and has been shooting competitively in smallbore silhouette for over 25 years. Competing in this great shooting sport has allowed us to travel all over the United States and the World. Over the years we have formed countless friendships from coast to coast and beyond.

My own initiation into making shooting vests was borne out of necessity. When my daughter, Cathy was 15 years old only standard sized shooting vest were available for purchase. Due to Cathy’s height of just 4’ 11” these standard vests would simply not fit. I contacted various shooting vest manufactures and tried to convince them to offer a smaller shooting vest. Virtually every company was unable to offer smaller or custom sized vests. Frustrated, I began to research professional manufacturing techniques. After this research I invested in my own industrial sewing equipment and high quality materials.

In 1994 Hardscrabble Mountain emerged into the silhouette world. That which originally began as an absolute necessity had ultimately turned into a full-time passion. Since then I have built vests for hundreds and hundreds of shooters with each one being unique as person wearing the vest. Hardscrabble Mountain vests are literally made by shooters, for shooters!

Our family looks forward to assisting your family in the continuation and advancement of competitive shooting sports. Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail if we can be of further assistance.

Chris Winstead
Director – Hardscrabble Mountain